On a Personal Note: Reflections And Changes

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I don’t usually write about my personal life but it’s a new year with new changes so there’s no time like the present to do something different.

In writing my post about cutting back on business expenses it hit me that I haven’t traveled for business since April 2006. WOW, just wow! Where did the time go?! Somehow I just didn’t realize that is has been that MANY years since I’ve traveled for business… quite honestly, that stinks.

As mentioned in my post below, last year was tough, personally, which of course affected my business and income; more than I care to admit. But rather than stew on the past I am looking forward to refocusing this year and getting my business back on track.

In evaluating everything I’ve come to realize one of the biggest things I am missing is my network of friends. They are still there and have always been it was me that went through some major changes and pulled back on everything and everyone. With a new perspective and finally realizing what I am missing, I’ve decided I need to make a true effort to make it to Affiliate Summit East in May. And, if I can pull it off, Pubcon Vegas in October.  I miss my friends, I miss networking and I miss loving my work. My creative streak has been on pause for far too long. When you are miserable on the inside it tends to carry over into your work and affects every aspect in your life in one way or another. Life’s too short to be miserable every day. Being a single mom to three kids and having custody of my 4-year-old nephew is hard work but I’m not miserable. Maybe stressed some days (ha!) but definitely not miserable like I was.

Last night I started looking at cheap tickets and it’s totally doable to do both conferences. The conferences are worth ten times more than the cost of going when you reconnect with old friends, meet new contacts and come home energized and ready to start or continue a new project.  The biggest obstacle is coercing my mom to come babysit the kids but thankfully she’s always been very supportive of my business.

Taking a hard look at yourself is never an easy task that much I can tell you. But I’m better for it. I can see clearly now where I made mistakes and where I want to go. It often takes something huge in life to make you take a step back and re-evaluate your life. I’m only sorry that it had to take so much to get my attention. So, if you are on the fence about some big changes take control before they take control for you. Now, on a positive note, below are the friends I miss the most!

The people I miss & want to see:

I’ve had the pleasure of rooming with Lynn a few times and it was fabulous! Work talk, girl talk and everything in between. I’m determined to room with her again at some point in the near future. It’s scary how alike we are in some ways.

Shannon has been a dear friend for years (and also a roomie). We may not talk everyday but she’s always been there. In fact, I call her my Zen friend. She’s always calm, cool and collected and I love that about her.

Rae, there’s just too much to say. We go back years and years. The things we know about each other… Well, let’s just leave it there. Seriously though, she hates praise but she’s amazing in all that she does and I’m glad (and thankful) to know her.

This by far is not everyone but they are my top three. I can’t even list all the people that I hope to meet in the future, there are many.

Here’s to knocking the crap out of 2012.

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Loretta February 10, 2012 at 2:57 pm

You are totally going to knock the crap out of this year! You can do this ;)

Chrissie April 27, 2012 at 11:08 am

I don’t know how I missed your comment!! Thank you :) As are you! I miss you!

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