Okay, today has just been one of those days where nothing works right. This seems to be a constant with me and all my various devices. But, it’s Friday and as such it just shouldn’t be allowed to happen! Monday’s are reserved as the sucky days and true to form – they usually are just that – sucky.

I found funny pictures to describe what today’s been like and I linked to them below for your viewing pleasure. It paints a story without me having to explain too much.

I Lost the Control – what started it all. I’m a control freak. Losing control is never a fun time in this house or to be around me. I do however own it.

When My Internet Is Going Slow – what further made everything else annoying! When my Internet is slow and lagging my impatience starts to boil over to the surface. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting on pages to load it’s what multitasking is all about or supposed to be about when done correctly.

Where Is My Happy Face – trying to recover from the aggravation. Usually, caffeine is involved in finding my happy face. More than likely it will do the trick and get me back to the land of the living again.
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I don’t usually write about my personal life but it’s a new year with new changes so there’s no time like the present to do something different.

In writing my post about cutting back on business expenses it hit me that I haven’t traveled for business since April 2006. WOW, just wow! Where did the time go?! Somehow I just didn’t realize that is has been that MANY years since I’ve traveled for business… quite honestly, that stinks.

As mentioned in my post below, last year was tough, personally, which of course affected my business and income; more than I care to admit. But rather than stew on the past I am looking forward to refocusing this year and getting my business back on track.

In evaluating everything I’ve come to realize one of the biggest things I am missing is my network of friends. They are still there and have always been it was me that went through some major changes and pulled back on everything and everyone. With a new perspective and finally realizing what I am missing, I’ve decided I need to make a true effort to make it to Affiliate Summit East in May. And, if I can pull it off, Pubcon Vegas in October.  I miss my friends, I miss networking and I miss loving my work. My creative streak has been on pause for far too long. When you are miserable on the inside it tends to carry over into your work and affects every aspect in your life in one way or another. Life’s too short to be miserable every day. Being a single mom to three kids and having custody of my 4-year-old nephew is hard work but I’m not miserable. Maybe stressed some days (ha!) but definitely not miserable like I was. [click to continue…]


We are racing upon that dreadful time of year – TAX TIME. Thankfully I have been better about keeping track of my business expenses this year, so I don’t expect it to be as bad as it has in years past.

Anyway, as I was going over my papers and receipts to get ready for tax time I realized there are more than a few things I could live without. Last year was a hard one personally with many changes which ultimately affected my business. One of those changes is a divorce, which in my case does happen to be a good thing. But as you might expect it meant crunch time. I had to take a hard look at my expenses and see which ones I could live without and which ones were a must.

What to Toss & What to Keep

I am a BlackBerry addict. My life is in my phone. Giving up my T-Mobile Broadband was not an option. And, besides, I have a grandfathered rate that is cheaper than someone signing up today. While looking at my expenses, I finally got smart and added insurance for my BlackBerry which costs around $8 a month. You might be wondering, how is that saving but trust me it is. I’ve been known to get my BB wet and I’ve also been known to pay over $400 for a replacement. With insurance, the replacement is $90. It was less than a week after I signed up for the extra insurance that I dropped my phone in the bathtub < /true story>. See? Totally worth it. [click to continue…]

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**Update at the bottom**

Dell has got to be the worst company I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I have never been so frustrated in all my life.

The nightmare started about four weeks ago when a good friend tried to buy me a Dell laptop. It didn’t arrive on the first delivery date so she called and re-ordered it. On the second delivery date, still no laptop. I told her to cancel the order and save her money. I wasted two whole days waiting for a package that never arrived.

But, the thing is… as mad as I am, I need the damn thing at the same time. I make my living online. And well, life is incredibly shitty at the moment. So to have a friend try to buy you a laptop, well, that just doesn’t happen very often.

After hearing of the #Dell hell I was going through, my mom kindly decides she will order me the laptop using her Dell credit line. Rather than having me pay for it with two of my own credit cards. The order went through fine. Only they put her through hell to verify that she is who she says she is. Okay, fine. But during the process they tell her she didn’t properly confirm her own information – AND THEY CANCELED THE ORDER. Are you kidding me? Someone can steal your identity easier than you can prove you are you. So my mom felt horrible, kept apologizing and none of it was her fault. She tried. [click to continue…]